Immortals of Aveum headlines April’s PS Plus monthly games

Sony unveiled April’s PlayStation Plus monthly games on Wednesday. The batch includes Immortals of Aveum, Minecraft Legends, Skul: The Hero Slayer and an Overwatch 2 skins-and-skips bundle. Subscribers on PS Plus’ Essential, Extra and Premium tiers can claim the titles starting Tuesday, April 2.

Immortals of Aveum (PS5) showed promise, but its “first-person shooter with magic instead of guns” formula didn’t fare incredibly well commercially. The EA-published game was met with mixed reviews, and its release date — competing against the likes of Baldur’s Gate III, Armored Core VI and Starfield — likely didn’t help. That led to indie developer Ascendant Studios laying off nearly half its staff a few weeks after launch. Still, despite its suspiciously smooth mechanics and too-sparse crowds, we liked its cinematics and satisfyingly powerful magical attacks, so it could be worth checking out risk-free with your subscription.

Minecraft Legends (PS5 / PS4) takes the best-selling game of all time and spins it off into a real-time action-strategy game. In the franchise’s blocky style, players form alliances to defeat invading piglins from the Nether dimension. The game includes a single-player story mode and multiplayer for up to eight players.

Skul: The Hero Slayer (PS4) is a retro 2D side-scrolling roguelike. You play as a skeleton who can swap skulls — and, in turn, abilities — with his slain enemies. (Convenient!) The game lets you select two ability types and encourages quick-switching during combat.

In addition to those three games, all PlayStation Plus subscribers can snag an exclusive Overwatch 2 Mega Bundle in April. The pack includes nine skins and five Battle Pass Tier Skips. You’ll first need to download Overwatch 2 from the PlayStation Store, and the bundle should show up in-game immediately (whether you’re a new or returning player).

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