Which Movies in 2024 Should Definitely Be Watched by Every Student

2024 promises an immersive cinematic landscape with stories to both entertain and inform audiences. However, finding suitable films to watch can be challenging for students with busy schedules and a thirst for knowledge; therefore, this guide presents some of the must-watch films of 2024 that can spark conversations, promote creativity, and complement classroom learning across various subjects. If you are wondering what to buy your school friend, read about it at smithfieldtimes.

Science Enthusiasts:

Interstellar (Re-release): This acclaimed sci-fi movie returns to theaters in 2024 following a team of astronauts’ attempt to find a home amongst the stars for humanity. Interstellar takes the audience on an incredible journey through space and time while delving deep into theoretical physics and exploring mysteries of the universe; those interested in science such as physics, astronomy or philosophy will find this film an endless source of ideas that to explore further by studying or debating this film!

Madame Web: Marvel’s foray into psychic reality takes form with Madame Web. The film centers around a character who can perceive both past and future events, potentially sparking conversations about determinism, free will, reality, perception, and consciousness. Students interested in psychology could use Madame Web as a springboard to explore perception and consciousness further.

For the History Buffs:

Founders Day: This historical drama promises to be an insightful exploration of a nation’s past. Deliberating over its founding will spark discussions regarding leadership, social justice, and equality – perfect for students of history, government, and social studies as an aid in understanding our present through its lens of history.

Bob Marley: One Love: This biographical film covers the life and legacy of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley. Going beyond music alone, One Love explores themes such as social activism, pan-Africanism, and fighting for human rights – inspiring those interested in history, music, and social justice movements alike to look towards his story as inspiration.

For the Budding Creatives:

Ordinary Angels is an emotional film about ordinary people coming together to accomplish extraordinary feats, showing how community and even small acts can have an impactful difference in people’s lives. Perfect for film and literature students as well as emerging storytellers looking for masterclasses in character development and storytelling.

Lisa Frankenstein: Lisa Frankenstein provides an unconventional take on the classic tale by following an ambitious young scientist as she creates her own monster. This film explores themes related to ethics in science, humanity and family that students interested in science fiction literature will find insightful to consider and dissect within its pages.

For the Future Leaders:

Drive-Away Dolls: This documentary sheds light on the global problem of human trafficking. Drive-Away Dolls serves as an effective call to action, raising awareness about this pressing matter while fighting its implementation. Students studying social studies, global affairs or human rights will find Drive-Away Dolls indispensable; its viewing will provoke discussions on social responsibility while inspiring future action plans.
The Jungle Bunch 2: World Tour: Although The Jungle Bunch 2 may seem like pure entertainment, it can actually serve as an effective educational tool for environmental awareness. It highlights the significance of protecting endangered species and conserving our planet’s biodiversity – themes which students of environmental science, biology, or those passionate about conservation will find relatable in this lighthearted film.

Beyond the Big Screen:

These films from 2024 provide invaluable learning experiences for students. Here are a few additional suggestions to maximize the educational benefit of movie watching:

Pre-movie discussions: Before watching a film, discuss its genre, historical setting, or themes to help students focus on specific aspects of it and connect it to their studies.

Active watching: Encourage students to actively watch a program by taking notes, writing down questions, and analyzing what they see onscreen. This will keep them engaged while also helping them retain important information.
Post-movie discussions: After watching the film, facilitate discussions regarding its themes, characters, and plot points. Please encourage students to connect their learning in class or outside it with what was portrayed on screen.
Creative Projects: Broaden students’ understanding by assigning projects that allow them to express it creatively – this might include writing essays, creating artwork inspired by the movie or even filming their own short responses. And if you need professional assistance with your papers, see:

Films can be an effective tool for learning, stimulating curiosity, and sparking discussions. By carefully selecting films to watch with students in meaningful ways and creating movie time into valuable learning experiences – like exploring space with Interstellar, delving into history with Founders Day or contemplating ethics in science with Lisa Frankenstein – students have an opportunity to expand their horizons while deepen their understanding of various subjects. Incorporating movies into the curriculum can also help students develop critical thinking and improve their ability to analyze information. It can provide a different perspective on complex topics and encourage students to think creatively about the world around them.

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