Trump Complains Migrants Use Languages ‘Nobody Speaks’

In a shouty Truth Social video posted earlier this week, Donald Trump complained that the “radical left Democrats” are always accusing him of misspeaking, when it’s obvious he’s just joking.

“You take a look at when I use Barack Hussein Obama and I interject him into where it’s supposed to be Biden, and I do it purposely for comedic reasons and for sarcasm,” Trump said.

So I guess Trump’s complaint on Thursday about migrants flooding into the country using languages “nobody speaks” was supposed to be funny?

“Nobody can explain to me how allowing millions of people from places unknown, from countries unknown, who don’t speak languages — we have languages coming into our country — we have nobody that even speaks those languages. They’re truly foreign languages. Nobody speaks them,” Trump said during his speech by the border in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Sure, there’s some gallows humor in the leading GOP presidential candidate rambling nonsensically about people speaking languages no one speaks. But did Trump make this flub intentionally for “comedic reasons”? Let’s review what he said earlier in the speech, just to make sure we’re not missing some crucial context:

Nah, Trump claims migrants are “coming from jails,” “coming from insane asylums” basically every time he talks about the border these days. And as CNN explained while cutting away from Trump’s speech, it’s “nonsense”:

Well, maybe Trump said something later in his interview with Sean Hannity that explains how all these false statements are “comedic.”

Let’s see: Trump told Hannity that China isn’t exporting elderly people or women, just tens of thousands of men of “fighting age,” while the Congo is sending incarcerated people who “make our prisoners look like very nice people.” He concluded, “So it’s a very terrible thing what’s — our country is being poisoned. We are really being poisoned.”

Weird. It sounds like Trump is just spewing more racist, Nazi-ish rhetoric about migrants being “vermin” who are “poisoning the blood of America.” But I guess I just don’t get his humor!

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