Unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg thinks the Quest 3 is a ‘better product’ than Apple’s Vision Pro


Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg has posted a review of Apple’s Vision Pro on Instagram, reminding us all that the rivalry between the two companies have deepened even further with the launch of the latter’s mixed reality headset. In the video shot with a Meta Quest 3, Zuckerberg didn’t mince words while pitting the Vision Pro against his company’s device. He said he originally expected the Quest to be the better value for most people, because it’s “like seven times less expensive” than the $3,500 Vision Pro. However, after testing his competitor’s product, he came to the conclusion that the Quest “is the better product, period.”

He added that the Quest is “better for the vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for.” Zuckerberg said he thinks the Quest is “a lot more comfortable,” since Meta designed it to be light and portable, so that people could use it while moving around or even while hanging out with friends and socializing. He found the Quest’s field of view to be wider and its screen to be brighter than the Vision Pro, and he also found that Meta’s headset showed crisper visuals when he moved his head while wearing it. Apple’s device, he said, had motion blur.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that the Vision Pro has a screen with a higher resolution, but in the same breath, he criticized Apple for the “tradeoffs” it had to make to the device’s comfort and ergonomics. While Quest’s controllers are “a little more accurate,” he admits that Apple’s eye tracking is “really nice.” Apparently, Meta used the Vision Pro’s sensors for the Quest Pro but took them out for the Quest 3. The company is planning to bring them back in the future. Of course, Zuckerberg took the chance to talk about the Quest’s bigger library and to emphasize that the Quest, unlike the Vision Pro, has access to the YouTube and Xbox apps. Zuckerberg ended his review by talking about open and closed models for every generation of computing and how he wants to make sure that for this generation, Meta’s technology, as the open model, “wins out” like Microsoft’s did in the past.

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