Overwerk gives fans ‘More’ with a new EP and visual album

Overwerk gives fans ‘More’ with a new EP and visual albumOverwerk More

It’s not an overstatement to say that OVERWERK is one of the more talented, creative, and captivating artists in the genre and if you aren’t familiar with him yet, his latest EP is the perfect introduction. The 5 track EP titled ‘MORE’ perfectly exemplifies his wide-ranging tastes and talents. Not only does the release contain five finely-crafted, extremely-polished dance tracks that alone would make it one of the best electronic releases of the year, but each is supported by a jaw-dropping video that brings his productions to life with intricately detailed digital sculptures that capture the emotion from each stirring single.

When played in order, the songs and videos tell a mysterious and compelling story, every last ounce of which was conceptualized and created by OVERWERK. Even the titles of the songs on ‘MORE’ tell a story when played in order: “Us,” “Apart” “Of” “Something” “More.” Each song takes a vocal sample of the title and builds it into the layers of the single, ending in the penultimate track with a final top line that reveal the answer to his “riddle.”

Sonically, the EP showcases a diverse range of electronic and dance elements blended with more experimental soundscapes. The sound and vibe of each represents its place in OVERWERK’s story arc. Though he isn’t YET a household name, this level of artistic quality and creativity isn’t lost on his fanbase. And for newcomers, the craft and storytelling will certainly earn him some new life long fans after just one listen.



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