Up to 60% Off OraTicx Probiotics + Free Shipping on Amazon | Improves Breath & Gum Health

woman holding a bottle of Oraticx Oral Care Probiotics and popping 1 into her mouth

Through February 18th, head to Amazon where you can save up to 60% off select OraTicx Oral Care Probiotics when you use promo code WOWHIP2S and opt to Subscribe & Save at checkout!

OraTicx lozenges are packed with live probiotics that target the gums, teeth, and breath to eliminate halitosis, reduce plaque, and increase the overall health of your gums and teeth.

See the results for yourself when you try OraTicx…

oraticx green breath probiotics box with bottle

oraticx probiotics box next to the bottle

box of OraTicx Implantics Oral Probiotics - Dental Implant Support with an open bottle and tablets spilling out

Little girl holding Oraticx probiotics

OraTicx’s oral care probiotics don’t require refrigeration and it’s super easy to take one each day.

Simply let the OraTicx lozenge slowly dissolve in your mouth to start seeing improvements in your oral health!

3 bottles of different types of Oratricx Oral Care Probiotics open with tablets spilling out

Check out these great reviews…

I’ve gotten many different products to help with my mouth none of them ever worked. I started using this last week and it has helped so much! I usually never write reviews for products unless they really work and this blew my mind! Get it right now this helps and works so much it helped my gums and teeth! So much! I will 100% reorder this product! It’s my holy grail! 

I bought Oraticx for my teenage son who has braces. It is really tough to maintain good-smelling breath with years of metal in your mouth. He started taking them and within a couple of days, there was a noticeable difference in his breath. I only learned in the last year the importance of probiotics and oral health. Highly recommend it to anyone struggling with bad breath!

Great kid-friendly dissolvable option for probiotics. These Oraticx products are pretty great (this is my second time trying them) and this one has a light vanilla taste which helps you forget you even taking something like medication. I’ve really been learning the importance of gut health and how to heal it so these fit right in. These aren’t heavy on the stomach and don’t cause any discomfort. The value is good considering the ease of taking them, flavor, as well as quantity, and quality.

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