ApocryFUN: A Midwinter Series with Tyler Huckabee + Ep. 5: Left Behind

The son has come and you’ve been …

On each episode of this show, we talk about a popular, influential — or at least lucrative — Christian book from the 90s or 2000s (you know, our era). We discuss how the book shaped American Christianity, our own personal faith journeys, and how it has aged in our current dystopian Christian Nationalist hellscape.

In this episode, Roxy reads Left Behind for the first time and reports back to Tyler. We dig into a word salad of eschatological terms and an absolute feast of evangelical 1990s tropes — Californians and their new age mumbo jumbo, amirite? — as we look at the legacy of this apocalyptic juggernaut on evangelicalism and its politics.

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