How the Gabb Phone and Watch Keeps My Kids Safe & Connected

Stay connected to your kiddos thanks to the Gabb phone and watch for kids!

Finally, a kid-safe phone that’s worth gabbing about!

Through November 27th, zoom over to Gabb Wireless where you can score a FREE Gabb Phone or 55% off a Gabb Phone 3 Pro or Gabb Watch 3 when you sign up for any contract! Plus, you’ll get the first 3 months of service for free too!

Gabb phones & watches have NO internet, social media, or games, and their main purpose is to allow communication between a child and their parents (or other close contacts)! If you’ve been thinking about getting your child a device, now’s the time to give Gabb a try for FREE!

Not familiar with Gabb? Here’s what the company is all about…

To reduce threats lurking on the internet, Gabb set out to create kid-safe devices. Some of the problems that Gabb seeks to address include:

  • Excessive screen time that hinders children’s social and educational development
  • The dangers of social media like harmful content, negative interactions, extreme ideas, and foul language
  • Explicit material found on the internet like violence or mature content
  • Cyber-bulling and harassment that may take a toll on a child’s self-esteem
  • Internet predators that try to solicit children

The solution: Gabb phones & watches that have NO internet, social media, or games!

girl holding phone

Here’s how to get a FREE Gabb phone:

Gabb Phone $149.99
Select your phone plan from $24.99 per month
Select a phone contract from $24.99 per month
*Note that this offer does not include Gabb Music or Warranty
Less automatic discount for phone + contract ($149.99 off + $24.99 off)
Automatic $30 activation fee added at checkout
Shipping is free

Final cost JUST $30 due TODAY + get 3 months of cellular service for FREE!

As a comparison, we’ve seen this Gabb offer as much as $100+! 🔥

Gifting one for Christmas? 🎄You can choose Optional Delayed Holiday Activation at checkout and Gabb will wait to activate your device until December 20th, and you’ll still get to take advantage of these kid-safe Gabb devices! Note that this will also delay the start of your recurring monthly service plan.

dad and daughter looking at gabb watch

OR score 50% off a Gabb Phone Pro 3 or Watch 3:

Gabb Phone Pro 3 $99.99 (regularly $199.99)
Select your phone plan from $24.99 per month
Select a phone contract from $24.99 per month
*Note that this offer does not include Gabb Music or Warranty
Less automatic 3 months of service for free ($29.99 off)
Automatic $30 activation fee added at checkout
Shipping is free

Final cost JUST $129.99 due TODAY!

The Gabb Phone 3 Pro is highly recommended for teens. It is the most adaptable Gabb device and provides an ever-growing list of Gabb-reviewed, parent-approved apps.

Gabb Watch 3 $74.99 (regularly $149.99)
Select your watch contract from $12.99 per month
*Note that this offer does not include Gabb Warranty
Less automatic 3 months of service for free ($17.99 off)
Automatic $30 activation fee added at checkout
Shipping is free

Final cost JUST $104.30 due TODAY + get 3 FREE months of service!

The Gabb watch is a great first step in kid-safe tech as it combines the functions of a safe cell phone, a reliable GPS device, and an interactive watch.

mom and daughter posing with the Gabb phone for kids

I’m so glad my family decided to try Gabb!

Everything is very user-friendly, especially the app which is REALLY simple to use. I can easily see both of my children’s accounts, check their locations, monitor their battery levels, and browse their recent messages all in about 5 seconds. It’s a relief to have those kinds of safety measures in place!

The Gabb watch for kids displaying parent-approved contacts

The Gabb watch was our family’s favorite!

The Gabb watch we got was really cool. Since it’s strapped to the child’s wrist, the risk of losing it is minimal. That’s so important as it’s always possible a child can lose their device, especially devices like phones that kids carry freely. The watch is also resistant to sweat, water, dirt, and sand so it’s pretty durable too!

The watch even comes with GPS tracking!

My family found the GPS tracking to be really accurate. I love that I can set “danger zones” and “safe zones” on this device. I get an instant alert the minute my son or daughter steps into a danger zone. This is a really helpful feature. My neighborhood has a gate that leads to a busy road. My son knows not to go beyond the gate, but if he ever does step through it, I’m alerted immediately. Plus, the watch has an SOS button that he can press if he needs to alert me that he is having an emergency. It also has a flashlight app to use if he is outside after dark.

woman using app on her phone to monitor her child's activity

Another aspect I loved about the watch is that it’s controlled with an app on the parent’s phone. Only I am able to add contacts to my son’s Gabb watch which can help protect him from unwanted interactions or socializing with someone he shouldn’t be contacting. He can have up to 25 contacts which I program in using my app. He can’t send or receive any messages from anyone not on his contact list.

I can also put the watch on lock mode during his school hours so he is not distracted. During that time, he can only use his watch to communicate with me.

Preset text message displayed on the Gabb watch for kids

One thing to note about the Gabb watch for kids is that it comes with 15 customizable text message presets, voice messages, and emojis. If I text my son, he can only respond using the presets. Right now, he is at an age where he might need more capabilities than the watch offers. If you’re looking for more unrestricted communication with your child, the Gabb wireless phone might be the better bet. Due to the number of restrictions on the watch, I think it is more suitable for younger kids ages 5-8 (though Gabb recommends it for ages 5 to 11).

The Gabb watch for kids costs just $14.99 per month.

For under $15 a month, you get unlimited talk and text. At that price, I think it’s worth it! It does a good job of protecting kids, keeps the communication between parent and child open, and the cost is affordable. Plus, it even has a step counter so you can ensure your kids are getting enough activity!

A woman holding a Gabb watch with corresponding charger

The battery on the watch lasts a decent amount of time and each purchase includes a charger so you’re prepared when the time comes to power up!

The Gabb wireless phone is perfect for older children who are somewhat independent. 

Kids using a Gabb watch and a Gabb phone

The Gabb phone has a lot more capabilities than the watch. It’s pretty cool! For a first phone, it’s very age-appropriate. It has no social media, internet, or games, and it includes a bunch of safety features. The phone has Bluetooth connection capabilities, front-facing 5MP and 8MP cameras, a calculator, an alarm clock, and even a fingerprint scan for security.

It comes with GPS tracking so my daughter can find her device if she loses it. Similar to the Gabb watch, I can program her phone to have “safe zones” and “danger zones” which means I know her location at all times. If my kid wanders into the danger zone, I’ll be immediately alerted – this is a huge perk of Gabb products. The tracking is super on point. We tested it and it worked really well and was so easy! 🙌

Texting on a phone

The Gabb phone has just the right features for kids who are venturing off on their own…

One thing that is awesome about the Gabb wireless phone is that my daughter can add her own contacts (which I can still monitor using my app) and she can also text freely as she is not limited by texting presets. I can ask her an open-ended question and she can respond with whatever she wants. I can text her via my regular text messaging or through the app. Just like the Gabb watch for kids, the phone comes with unlimited talking and texting.

The phone also has access to Gabb Music which is an age-appropriate music streaming app. The lyrics are clean and I don’t have to worry about her accidentally stumbling upon any mature language.

At just $24.99 per month, the phone plan is pretty reasonable and is well worth spending to keep my kiddos safe.

Overall, I love the benefits of the Gabb phone and watch.

woman and children with the Gabb watch and phone for kids

I have to say, Gabb devices are pretty neat! They really do address the concerns that many parents have regarding their children’s technology usage. The next time my kids leave the house, I know I’ve done what I can to protect them. That peace of mind is invaluable!

If these devices sound like something you and your family could benefit from, Gabb is currently featuring a HOT free device deal so it’s a great time to scoop up these kid-safe devices!

Need more feedback? Check out these other reviews:

“So we had issues when a smartphone was given to our daughter by a family member for Christmas. Our child found a way to circumvent parental controls on the phone and we felt that we were unable to properly monitor activities no matter what we tried. This is a perfect solution. Our child was satisfied that she could still have a way to talk and text her friends while we have peace of mind that she cannot access inappropriate content. Thank you!” – Jessica, product reviewer

“I feel good about sending my 7-year-old out to play in the neighborhood. I can call him when it’s dinner time. It also has safe zones so I’m notified if he leaves the area marked ‘safe’. I’ve used the watch to keep tabs and he still feels independent!! It gives kids freedom and parents peace of mind!” – Courtney, product reviewer

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