Postcard from Earth at the Las Vegas Sphere • This Week in Gambling

The Las Vegas Sphere’s very first feature attraction is the Postcard from Earth show. The Darren Aronofsky production is being billed as the “first multi-sensory film” ever created, and it lives up to the billing. We attended one of the very first Postcard from Earth showing, and while we were there to see the amazing 16k resolution, we did enjoy the haptic “feel” the stadium produces, as well as the gentle breezes that make you feel like you outdoors rather than in such a grand arena! Enjoy this preview of Postcard from Earth!

Darren Aronofsky’s latest cinematic creation has made its world premiere at the The Sphere. “Postcard From Earth” marks a groundbreaking moment in the realm of visual storytelling, and it defies all preconceived notions about cinematic experience.

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone magazine before the Postcard From Earth screening, the filmmaker expressed his profound reverence for our planet. He referred to the film as a heartfelt homage to Mother Earth. He confidently predicted that viewers would find the film to be his most uplifting work, boasting “the happiest ending of anything I’ve ever done before.”

The 50-minute cinematic experience unfolds with a distinct science fiction feel, focusing on two characters embarking on a voyage to an uncharted world aboard their spacecraft. As they traverse the cosmos, a subtle voice intermittently prompts them to recollect their home, Earth, the land they left behind.

Postcard From Earth flawlessly captures the breathtaking splendor of canyons, prairies, mountain ranges, and gorges, with Aronofsky utilizing an 18K Big Sky camera specifically for The Sphere’s unique presentation. “For the first time, audiences are beholding imagery in astounding 18K resolution,” Aronofsky stated.

Tickets are available at the Sphere Las Vegas website.