Samsung reportedly working on 1-inch 50MP, 200, 320 and 440MP sensors

According to tech leakster Revegnus on X, Samsung is working on four new high-end sensors – 50MP GN6, 200MP HP7, an unknown 320MP sensor and а 440MP HU1 one as well. However, the report claims that hardly any of these sensors will end up in a Galaxy S smartphone and are designated for other manufacturers and perhaps other industries as well.

Starting with the 50MP GN6 sensor, which is arguably the most interesting of the bunch as it’s going to be a 1-inch snapper with 1.6µm pixels and will likely compete with Sony’s popular 1-inch IMX989 solution. Samsung’s 50MP sensor is rumored to be too expensive for Samsung’s own products so it will likely be adopted by other manufacturers instead.

Samsung reportedly working on 1-inch 50MP, 200, 320 and 440MP sensors

The 440MP HU1 sensor, on the other hand, may not be intended for smartphones at all. It could be more useful in the automotive or industrial sectors.

The 320MP camera may eventually be suitable for the Galaxy S series once development is done but don’t hold your breath as the tipster suggests it will be inside the Galaxy S26 Ultra at the earliest.

Lastly, the 200MP HP7 sensor was initially planned to complement the Galaxy S25 Ultra as it has slightly bigger pixels and marginally improved image quality over the existing 200MP HP2 shooter inside the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, just like the 1-inch sensor, this one end up being too expensive to manufacture for Samsung to consider it for its own smartphones.


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